About Definitive Energy Group

Who we are

Our mission is to ensure the development and implementation of our client's energy procurement for their entire energy portfolio. We utilize our regulatory and market knowledge to analyze and deliver creative solutions grounded in the realities of the marketplace.

We are unique in our Industry. We are an unbiased third party that is financially independent from any specific Supplier or Utility. We believe clients should have their own energy choices and a customized plan. We assist in the development and support of those plans and make them our primary goal.

We are very frank and scrupulously honest in our business relationships. We are shrewd in business development and energy supply policies.

  • No direct affiliations with Utilities or Suppliers.
  • Access to leading technologies and unparalleled Industry knowledge.
  • A vast array of resources from tariff analysis to market expertise.

Our name

  • Positive, Final, Conclusive.
  • Serving to provide a final solution.
  • Authoritative and exhaustive.
  • Serving to define precisely.
  • Fully differentiated and developed.